Sahih Muslim Book 005, Hadith Number 2177.

Chapter : Exhortation to spend and tidings to him who spends(on good deeds).

Ahnaf b. Qais reported: While I was in the company of the (elites) of Quraiah, Abu Dharr came there and he was saying: Give glad tidings to the hoarders of riches that their backs would be branded (so deeply) that (the hot Iron) would come out of their sides, and when the backs of their necks would be branded, it would come out of their foreheads. He (Abu Dharr) then went away and sat down. I asked who he was. They said: He is Abu Dharr. I went to him and said to him: What is this that I heard from you which you were saying before? He said: I said nothing but only that which I heard from their Prophet (may peace be upon him). I again said: What do you say about this gift? He said: Take it, for today it is a help. But when it becomes a price for your religion, then abandon it.

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